Wrap (or at least brand) your business vehicle

January 31, 20120

You’ve seen lots of them. Those vehicles transformed into eye-catching advertising. It could be a box truck with a billboard-type message on the side, or a small compact car that becomes a visual icon. So, how have vehicle wraps become the hottest marketing trend? The answer is simple: they’re effective and affordable.

Effective: Your ad is not competing with 20 other ads on a page. Your viewer is not changing channels as soon as the advertising interrupts the music or program.  In a sea of ordinary, your clever design and message stands out.

Affordable: You already own the medium (the vehicle) and you’re already out among your audience (traffic). Consider that a full-page color print ad in a state-wide newspaper costs about $3,500 for a single insertion. That will make a dramatic impact on about 75,000 viewers, or 75,000 impressions in advertising terms. Now consider the same $3,500 cost for a full-size cargo van wrap. Depending on your driving area, you could expect over 1-million impressions per year. A typical business vehicle remains in service for an average of five years. Do the math and you can see the value and brand-building power vehicle marketing provides.

We hear from our customers over and over again that vehicle marketing is an important part of their advertising strategy, and often their best value. When deployed in conjunction with a solid marketing plan and consistency in message and design, vehicle marketing can bring all your other advertising efforts to life in the real world. When attending events like trade shows and festivals, your vehicle become a billboard in the parking lot. When parked outside your place of business, your vehicle becomes an attention grabbing sign. On the road, hundreds of potential customers see you in their community.

It’s easy to do. The entire process can take a little as a week or so to develop the message and graphics, and a day or two for application. If your business has an un-marked vehicle, you’re missing the opportunity to make hundreds, maybe thousands of advertising impressions every day.

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