Boat Lettering

We want to make your boat lettering and decal purchase as quick and easy as possible. That's why we created this easy guide to help you navigate the process and get us the info we need to get your boat lettering done quickly. Once you complete the form below, our team will review and be in touch with you to ask any further questions and to confirm details prior to creating your design. If you'd like to speak with us in person, or you would like options you don't see, give us a call at (207) 236-8049 or stop by our office at 29 Commercial Street, Rockport, Maine.

Let's get started designing your boat lettering!

1. Determine the Area of the Graphic

  • The application area should be non-porous and smooth, flat or with minimal curve, and free of obstacles such as rivets, hardware or raised panels.
  • The area should be rectangular with height and width given in inches. Odd shaped areas require correspondence and/or proofs.
  • Coast Guard regulations require that a documented boat have the boat name and the hailing port at least 4” high. The words “Port of” are not required and have no size restrictions, but the two-lettering designation for the state are now required.
  • Registration numbers must be a least 3” tall and be of a “block” type style (Univers for example). Be sure to refer to the regulations which apply in your area for placement and color requirements.
Boat Lettering - How to measure your boat stern - Maine

2. Choosing the Letter Font

  • Find the style that you like and that compliments the name of your boat. Take into account the space available. If there is little space available, a narrower font might be advisable.

Boat Lettering Design Choices

3. Specify ALL CAPITALS, all lower case, or a combination of Upper and Lower Case Letters.

  • Lettering may be ordered in ALL CAPITALS, all lower case, or a Combination of Both. (We strongly recommend not using all capitals on Apple Chancery, Brush Script, Cornerstore or Retrofunk). Some letter styles only come in the capital letters such as ROADHOUSE, DURANGO and STENCIL. If lower case letters are not shown in the examples on the previous page, they are not available.

4. Determine the Color

  • Please select the vinyl color and/or real gold or silver vinyl finish below.  If your design will include more than one color to type of vinyl, please select all that you would like.

Boat Name Color Choices - Online Ordering
Real Gold Vinyl for Boat Lettering

5. Select the design options

  • Drop Shadow – This popular two color option gives the appearance that the lettering is off the surface, casting a shadow behind it. The color of the “foreground” lettering is considered the main color, and the shadow the secondary color.
  • Arcs – Arcs can be either positive or negative referring to their arcing higher in the middle or dipping lower in the middle respectively. The arc can be referred to as light (L), medium (M), or heavy (H). It can also be entered by a specific curvature of the arc (measured from the horizontal to the bottom of the center letter for positive arcs–horizontal to the top of the center letter for negative arcs). Connected script fonts should not be arced.
Boat Lettering and Decal Design options

6. Take photos of your boat

  • Take pictures straight on – When taking a picture to send us of your boat, hold the camera in the middle of the focus area and take the picture so there is no angle or shear to the picture.  Please provide a tape measure showing a measurement that we can use when mocking up your design so that we can ensure it is to scale.
Taking photos for Boat Lettering Mock ups - Maine