Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail®, or EDDM®, is a direct mailing service offered by Adventure Advertising through the United States Postal Service. Our team can help you create powerful marketing mailers that can be delivered to specific mailing areas as small, or as large as your business needs.

Marketing Your Business or Organization with Every Door Direct Mail.

With Every Door Direct Mail by the United States Postal Service, your business can partner with Adventure Advertising to deliver impactful marketing materials directly to potential residential and business customers in targeted geographic regions; from your local neighborhood to your entire city, county, and beyond!

Our team makes it easy to navigate the entire process from start to finish. Don’t worry about tackling the process on your own. We will work directly with you to design, print, bundle, and deliver your marketing materials to the Postal Service, as well as assist you in selecting the exact mailing areas you want to target, down to the individual routes.

Whether you’re a local coffee shop looking to deliver a coupon to people that live on your street, to a political campaign aiming to reach the entire state, we’ve got you covered.

Direct Mail Postcards - EDDM - USPS Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM Available Products

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Sell Sheets

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