Custom Signs and Sign Printing

We manufacture custom signs for business or personal use, and we’ll help you from design to installation. Do you have a new business, new building project , promotion  or sale, or just an old worn out sign? For all of this and more, Adventure Advertising has you covered with beautiful custom signs and sign printing. We get it, you want to stand out. When we started our business 30 years ago we were creating signs with paint and brushes, today we can create and produce your sign a whole lot faster but with the same pride and care we’ve always used, and not only do we build and print every part of our signs, but we will install it for you!

If you’re working with an existing logo, an idea or you’re starting from scratch, we can guide you along the way and produce a sign that will gather attention for your business.

Business Signs that will get your customers attention

Your sign may be the first impression someone has of your business, and we’ll work with you to create and build a custom design that will stand out. Illuminated signs, LED display signs, Carved wood with gold leaf, aluminum panels, reflective vinyl to stand out at night, 3D raised letters, and full color photo images. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Our business signs can include many materials to best suit your needs, budget and conditions, and we can make our signs really pop by adding three dimensional features. Here at Adventure, we’ve built thousands of signs over the past 30 years and we’ll make sure your sign looks great.

Business Signs | Custom Sign with Granite Posts

Outdoor Signs come in many materials

The construction of your outdoor signage is important to ensure it looks great and lasts for years to come.  We manufacture signs in many materials to create the look and quality you need. Starting with the sign panel, we build signs from wood, composite products, PVC, Aluminum and more depending on the structure, weight and shapes that are required.  Once we have the panels constructed, we’ll apply paint, cut vinyl, or UV protected and laminated printed graphics to ensure your design looks great and lasts in the sun and snow. From printed images to gold leaf, we’ll be sure your outdoor signs are constructed using quality materials and that they will last in the Maine outdoors.

Outdoor Signs | Carved Sign Sea Dog Brewery

Post and Panel Signs

Many businesses choose post and panel signs to attract attention from driving traffic.  Post and panel signs are typically double sided and use pressure treated, composite or granite posts with a sign situated between them. Sign panels can be framed or simply mounted between the posts. Pressure treated sign posts can be painted, clad in tin, PVC, or left natural depending on your budget and the look you want to achieve.  

Business Road Sign - Post and Panel - AIMIC Construction - Rockland Maine

Building Signs

If you are mounting a business sign on the exterior walls of your building or want a hanging sign along main street, we’ll work with you to create a custom design that is sure to draw attention. Here at Adventure, we have worked with a multitude of different businesses ranging from restaurants to hotels to breweries and everything in between. We understand that you want to stand out and may have a unique style, and we want to bring that idea to life. Whether you want a large bagel built to hang on your building or a simple square sign with your logo, we can make it all happen. We also can make your signs 3 dimensional to make them really pop.

Hanging Sign | Smiling Cow - Camden, Maine

Yard Signs and Site Signs

Yard signs are a great way to use temporary signage to build awareness of your business and highlight your job sites. For construction site signs, real estate signs, job signs, campaign signs, or even yard sale signs, we can do small or large batches of signs and keep our prices affordable, and get your product you need to showcase your work. Realtors and construction companies choose us for their site signs because of our affordable pricing, quick turnaround times, and for the best quality signs that will hold up and look good in all of Maine’s unpredictable weather.

Site Sign | Construction Yard Sign

Banner Printing

 Banner printing is a a necessary part of temporary business signs, and we print banners fast at competitive prices.  We produce banners telling people that you are open, banners advertising sales and specific manufacturers, and banners supporting a cause you are passionate about. Nearly every business has the need for temporary signage. We understand that your needs change quickly and you need to be reactive with temporary business signs and we’ll get you what you need quickly at prices that will work for your budget.  We can print from your printer-ready file, or we’ll be happy to work with you to create the perfect design and we offer custom sizes for any size space you need to fill. 

Site Sign | Construction Yard Sign

Interior Signs and Wayfinding Signage

From department signs in a retail store to hospital directories and office door signs, we design and produce interior signage to direct people to the right locations or highlight departments. Hospitals and department stores are complex and have a lot to see and a lot of places to go. For ease of shopping or navigating your way to your grandmother in room 203, we can help with any and all directional wayfinding signage. We print hanging signs, wall directories, and install vinyl lettering indicating which window is drop off and which is pick up, We can design, map and install for you, and we’ll work with you to ensure everything is the way you want it.

Wayfinding Signage | Sign Printing | Registration Desk

Sign Permits and Applications

Outdoor signs often require permits from your city and or Maine DOT (Department of Transportation) There are typically different permits and classifications of sign permits needed.  Permanent signs may require a permit with your town and DOT depending on the road and placement, while temporary signs like banners, yard signs, and site signs most often do not.  When we work with you to design your custom signs, we’ll provide you with a mock-up that shows the design of your sign to scale on your property or building, and includes the measurements and materials with which it will be constructed.  This information will be a key for quick processing of your sign permit application. If you have questions or difficulties with your permit applications, contact us and we’ll help you with the process.

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Custom Sign FAQ

How Much Does a business Sign Cost?

The business signs we design and produce are completely custom. It is impossible to put a generic price on the overall cost because there are many factors that attribute to it. Some factors include size (determined by square footage), location (building or road), permit process which can include fees, and where we need to travel to in order to install your sign.


What Do I Need to Provide to Get a Sign Designed?

You can come in with the name of business, ideas of emblems and imagery and fonts and colors, or sample photos and we can create a custom design. You can also come with predesigned files but they must be high resolution (AI, EPS, PDF, PSD,or INDD).


Can I Use Something That Was Predesigned?

When getting the design process started it is helpful to have the business name, ideas of emblems, logos and imagery, and font ideas. From this we can work with you on designing a custom piece to fit your style. If you have a design already created we ask that you send it to us in high resolution in one of these file types:
AI – Adobe Illustrator
EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
PDF – Portable Document Format
PSD – Adobe Photoshop
INDD – Adobe Indesign


Can I Use My Own Design?

Yes, as mentioned above we prefer your design is created at a very high resolution and is exported as one of the file types listed.


Do I Need a Sign Permit for a Banner?

Typically, you do not need a permit for banners as they fall under the classification of temporary signage. It is always a good idea to check with your municipality to ensure this is the case in your town, but most towns and cities do not require permits for banners placed on your own property.


How Do I Get a Sign Permit?

Sign permits are acquired through your local town or city government. Most often they will need to know the location of your sign, the size, height and if you are putting lighting on the sign, you’ll need to describe how it will be lit.  If you live in one of the towns listed below, you can find the information you need to apply for a permit at the links below.  If your town or city is not listed below, you will need to go to your local town office or city hall.