Website Development and Hosting

Every business needs a good website, and we’re ready to help build or upgrade yours. In addition to being the “go-to” source for print marketing, custom apparel, vehicle wraps, and signs in Midcoast Maine, businesses also trust Adventure Advertising with their website development and maintenance needs. Whether you’re looking for a single page website for your upstart business or a full-fledged eCommerce site, our skilled team will work with you to deliver a modern solution that makes your business stand out.
Restaurant Website Design - Ecommerce

If you’re looking to open your first online store or expanding your existing retail business into the online space then customer experience is everything. Online shoppers want to find what they’re looking for quickly, no matter what device they’re using. If it takes your website too long to load, you could be losing customers and money; and with online giants like Amazon attracting more and more online shoppers, your eCommerce store needs to be top notch. What the big name online stores lack is your unique products and services, and Adventure Advertising can help you accomplish the rest.

Why should you choose Adventure Advertising for your eCommerce website?

  • Customer Experience is our top priority from the moment the customer arrives on your site until the moment they checkout, and beyond!
  • Quick and Secure transactions put customers’ minds at ease, and money in your pocket;
  • Intuitive designs that adapt to desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones for ease of use on any device;
  • Google Analytics tracking to help you maximize areas of growth, or identify and improve areas that need improvement;
  • Custom shipping options to integrate FedEx, UPS, and USPS solutions seamlessly;
  • Offer coupons, sales, retail and wholesale pricing, and restricted member/employee only products/pricing;
  • Industry’s lowest credit card processing fees using Stripe, PayPal,, and more to directly deposit funds into your bank account.

Nonprofits/Community Organizations/Directories/Government and Municipalities

Nonprofits/Community Organizations/Directories /Government and Municipalities

Pen Bay Chamber of Commerce Website Design

When working with nonprofit, community, or government organizations, we understand that the top priority is to deliver information in a professional, secure, and reliable manner. This is why we use the industry’s leading hosting servers with daily backups, choice of Two-Factor Authentication for login, and easy-to-navigate website designs to help your users find the information they need quickly and easily.

In many cases these organizations are managed by volunteers, part-time staff, or individuals that may not have the time or expertise to keep a website up-to-date; that’s where Adventure Advertising comes in. Our team is here to help you keep your website updated and relevant by assisting with edits and content changes, as well as providing custom video training to you and your team.

Why should you choose Adventure Advertising for your Nonprofit organization’s website?

  • Industry leading site security and backups. In the unlikely event that you accidentally delete a file or “break something” while making an edit, we can restore your website in minutes!
  • We specialize in creating Content Management Systems that allow you to store files for public or private access, offer site directories, and to accept donations through a wide variety of solutions.

Businesses Small to Large (and everything in between)

As a business owner or decision maker, you know that your business is different than everyone else. You understand the unique products, services, and customer service you provide are what set you apart from the competition; but how do you demonstrate this to a new customer that hasn’t experienced what you offer yet? Your website is the best place to start. At Adventure Advertising, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses throughout Maine tell their story through their website; capturing the interest and attention of customers online.

But what happens after you’ve caught their attention? That’s where our custom web solutions can help you take website visitors and turn them into customers. From specialized quote forms to custom order forms that allow you to offer endless product and service customizations, we’ve got you covered. Have a unique request? Give us a call and learn how we can help your business grow!

Why should you choose Adventure Advertising for your business’s website?

  • We offer custom solutions for businesses of all sizes, from “one-man and a truck” to multi-location corporations
  • In addition to building eye-catching public websites, we can also create internal sites for company communications, file management, and even employee stores for your branded apparel and more!

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Custom printing is not what you want to focus on. You have a business to run. Let us work with you to get the designs and materials you need professionally created for your business.

According to Forbes, you have roughly seven seconds to make a good impression upon meeting someone for the first time. With this in mind, it is absolutely crucial to make sure you come off as professional, talented, and knowledgeable all within that extremely short time frame. Besides the age-old tropes of using a solid handshake, dressing the part, and properly preparing, the business materials you use can help you stand apart from the crowd.