Vehicle Wraps, Truck Decals and Graphics

A vehicle wrap on your company van, car or truck attracts thousands of views per day for years. We design full car wraps, van wraps, truck wraps, boat wraps and wraps for any other type of vehicle, and we use top of the line products from 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal, and Arlon, so that your investment lasts even with our Maine winters.  Our designers can create an effective marketing message for any vehicle at (almost) any budget. Whether you want a full wrap, partial, or truck decals and lettering, we’ll put our years of creative design experience, and expert installation to work for your company.

Dominos Vehicle Wrap - SUV Partial wrap
Van Wrap Maine Vehicle Graphics
Boat Wrap - American Flag Design - Maine

Your best marketing may be your vehicle wrap.

Vehicle wraps are some of the lowest cost per view advertising tools available.  In today’s digital marketing world, everyone thinks about impressions and views, cost per view and cost per thousand impressions.   Even in small towns in Maine, a good vehicle wrap design will been seen thousands of times per day and generate more brand recall than an ad on Facebook. Don’t get us wrong, digital ads are important too.(We can help with those also) Like other forms of advertising, vehicles advertise even when you’re not working. whether you are at the grocery store, your teenagers soccer game, or driving to a job site, your vehicle will be attracting attention to your business. Choose the right wrap, the right design, and you’ll have a great marketing tool that you’ll be proud to drive around. 

Vehicle wrap experience 

When you are choosing a shop to design and install your wrap, it is important to choose one with the experience to get the job done right, and one that will stand behind their work.  Our vinyl graphics use only the best wrap materials, the best inks, and the best laminates to ensure your truck or van look as great after 3 years as it did when it left our garage.  We have wrapped, cars, trucks, vans, tractor trailers, heavy equipment, snowmobiles, trailers, RVs, and we even do the occasional refrigerator. 

Truck Decals make a difference

Not everyone has the budget for a full vehicle wrap, but even well designed truck decals and vehicle lettering can make a positive impact on your business.  Our designers will work with you to ensure that your logo shows up well, and people can read important details like your phone number and what you offer. These items alone can keep your phone ringing and provide good brand recognition and recall for people that see you every day.  

We work when you need us.

We understand that for your trucks to make you money, the wheels need to be rolling.  Our schedule is flexible, and we’ll find a time to get your lettering or wrap done when it works for you.  Our team works early, late, and on the weekends when needed to accommodate your work schedule. Let us know when we can do for you. 

We’re an advertising agency, located on the Maine coast. We are passionate about vehicles looking great and lasting.  When you need more than a vinyl wrap, we offer all of the other services you would expect from an advertising agency as well.  Whether in person or via technology, we’re always available to our clients. And dollar for dollar, we’ll hold our own with the best creative agencies in the world.

ATV Wrap - Camo Wrap - Custom

Best Vehicle Wrap Design

Our experienced designers can help you design you vehicle wrap using your company brand graphics or start from scratch to help build brand recognition.

Best Vehicle Wrap Materials

We use only the very best and fresh materials including 3M ControlTac, Arlon SLX, Oracal and other industry leaders. All materials are not created equal, and quality matters especially in Maine.

Best Wrap Installation

Our combination of passion for what we do, years of experience and certified training assures the best possible installation for any project. Trust our pros for the best job.

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    FAQ Vehicle Wrap Questions and Answers

    How much does a car wrap cost?

    Great question and there are many parts to the answer. Everything affects the final cost from the amount of time spent on the design, to the size and coverage amount of the vehicle, to the complexity of the installation. In the broadest of price ranges using a standard van size, a partial wrap could start as low as $500, although most will end up around $1200. A full wrap for a vehicle of comparable size could be as low as $2000, with a more typical cost being in the $2500-$3500 range. We invite you to stop by at any time to discuss your project or give us the details on your vehicle and we'll get an estimate together for you right away.

    The good news is we can usually find a great design solution to meet any budget.

    How long will my wrap last?
    The durability of your wrap will depend on the quality of the material used, the quality of the installation, and the care and maintenance after the installation. Wrapping vinyl is rated for durability and removability, and we use only the best quality appropriate for the job. Durability ratings range from 2 to 7 years.
    Is a wrap cheaper than a paint job?

    It depends on what shop you choose to paint your car.  Some low cost shops can paint a vehicle for less than a wrap, but many are more expensive.  What is most important is that paint and vinyl are two different products.  Paint is a hard finish that will stand the test of time. A color change wrap will last for 5-8 years depending on the product and the care you give it. Color change vinyl wraps are also a great alternative to achieve special effects and textures. There are many interesting choices available today, and we'll be happy to show you samples of the latest technology.

    Is my wrap guaranteed?

    Yes and no. Some materials come with a manufacturers warranty that is subject to care and maintenance. Other factors will include the condition of the surface. Suspect areas such as rust, dents, repainted surfaces, and other conditions cannot be guaranteed. However, we want every customer to be satisfied with the value of every job we do, and we always do our best to perform repairs or replacement at a reasonable expense to you.

    What do I have to do before I bring my vehicle in for wrap?

    Your vehicle should arrive clean and free of rust, wax, and polish for proper adhesion. We will do final cleaning just before installation to remove any dirt that may have made its way onto the vehicle on its way here. An additional cleaning charge may be added to the final project is extensive cleaning is necessary before our installation.

    How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?

    Most wrap installations only take 1-3 days; however, there are things that need to be done leading up to the installation. This time includes design, your review, and approval, printing, lamination, and installation preparation. When leaving your vehicle for installation, we ask that you remove all personal and stored items, or request a 'walk-around' to make a note of all items left with the vehicle. Adventure Advertising is not responsible for loss or damage of such things without an agreement of possession.

    How do I care for my wrap?

    Keep your vehicle clean of dirt, grime, salt, and grease.

    When washing your vehicle use a nonabrasive liquid cleaner.

    Hand wash vehicle for the first two months while the wrap material adhesive cures. Ater that, we recommend hands-free car wash (like our friends at Mt. Battie Car Wash). Never use a high-pressure car wash.

    Vehicle wraps can be treated the same as paint. Wash with care, attend to any scratches or other mishaps right away, and protect of direct sun damage with UV protecting wax.

    Inspect the graphics regularly for any loose edges. If you find any, please stop by our shop for repair as soon as possible.