When it comes to advertising… listen to your mother.

December 20, 20120

Your mother was right when she said, “Be sure to make a good impression.” Marketing your business is all about making an impression. More specifically, making a number of impressions repeatedly to your target customers.

In marketing terms, an impression is one view made by one viewer. An impression is made by everything from your company name on a vehicle, a logo on a t-shirt, or traffic passing by your place of business. More measurable impressions are made by traditional advertising such as print and electronic media.

Impressions are measured in different ways depending on the media, and some measurements are more accurate than others. Evaluating impressions is an excellent place to begin when determining the value of any marketing opportunity. Of course, many other factors will determine the success of your marketing efforts, and impression count alone may not achieve your goal. However, a constant awareness of your brand and creative marketing that increase the awareness of your company is always good.

Look for opportunities that are long lasting, unique, and high value. While a good impression does not always bring an immediate return on your investment, the lasting affect of brand recognition is undeniable.

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