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Why choose DTG printing?

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is the printing of digital images from a computer onto a shirt or other garment using a specialized inkjet printer. The benefits of direct to garment printing include:

  • No setup costs
  • Allows for affordable printing of small orders
  • Extremely detailed images
  • Affordable full-color printing
  • Soft feel like it’s part of the fabric

What is direct to garment printing?

Direct to garment (DTG) printing can reproduce complicated images accurately on something as soft as a shirt or sweater. Think of DTG like at-home printing from your computer, except that the paper is replaced with a shirt. Our printer does not need to be set up for individual jobs and can render millions of colors. An underbase of white is printed to allow printing on dark shirts.

DTG ink binds directly to the fibers of the garment’s material, which is why cotton—a fibrous material—is best. After printing, heat is applied to dry the ink. The entire printing process can take as little as a minute per shirt.

How DTG compares to screen printing.

Screen printing includes a fee for setup, while DTG has almost no setup at all. This makes DTG more cost effective for “small” orders (less than around ten of a garment) where this cost is not divided between many garments. However, once setup is complete, the per-unit cost of screen printing is much cheaper than that of DTG, which makes it more cost-effective for larger orders. Screen printing cannot capture as much detail nor as many colors as DTG, but the colors that are screen printed are more vibrant. Screen printing also allows for the use of more different types of ink, like metallic or glow-in-the-dark, and can be used on polyester materials that DTG inks cannot bind to.

We work with local screen printers, and will gladly make a referral if screen printing is best for your job.

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